A rich story of achievement through words and pictures

An online person-centred planning and outcome recording tool

How it works

Getting planning off the shelf

Here2There.me (H2T) is a person-centred planning and outcome recording App for individuals receiving personalised support and employees. It shifts the balance of control to the individual, so they are actively engaged in conversations about what matters most to them, based on their strengths and aspirations for their future.

The system makes the whole planning, goal setting and review process come alive and gives ownership to the individual as far as possible. This in turn motivates them to achieve and develop.

Outcome focused approach

With the support of a Mentor, each individual creates a strength-based personal profile and set of outcome focused goals. Actions are also agreed that will support the individual to achieve each goal.

These are jointly reviewed at regular intervals, including a judgement of progress against each goal on a 0 to 10 scale. Uniquely, the Individual captures their achievements through words and pictures on a Smartphone, very similar to a timeline used on many social media apps.

Circle of Support

An agreed Circle of Support works with each individual to provide encouragement and additional evidence of progression. They also have access to the individual’s story, seeing their achievements in real time.

This enables important people in the individual's life to keep up to date with their progress. This can include family, friends and professionals, ensuring people and agencies work in a joined-up way

The 6 key benefits of H2T.me are:


Enables individuals to take ownership of their goals and progression


Provides evidence of impact including reporting on other frameworks

Solution focused

Is strength-based and solution-focused, providing motivation and direction

Connects people

Provides a Circle of Support around the individual working in a joined-up way

Saves time

Fewer meetings because people are connected in real time

Private and secure

Complies with GDPR and data protection requirements