Works for anyone receiving targeted support

Enables the individual to stay at the centre of their plan

Individuals receiving targeted support often face a complex range of issues that prevent them getting to where they want to be. Traditional assessment, review and planning processes can focus too much on what matters to other people and not enough on what matters to the Individual.

Even when effective programmes of support are in place, it can be extremely difficult for the support organisation to evidence the impact and social value of their work. This is particularly the case when this includes 'soft' outcomes such as self-confidence, communication skills, self-care, teamwork etc.

The system enables Individuals to be supported through a strength-based process of assessment (This is Me profile) and goal setting. This provides focus for both the support organisation and the individual. Regular reviews then discuss achievements; agreeing progress based on a numerical scale of 1 to 10 and validating this through the stories that have been captured on the Individual's timeline by them and their Circle of Support.

In cases where the individual cannot use a Smartphone, or don’t wish to use it, the Circle of Support takes on additional significance. They capture the Individual’s journey for them, enabling people to act in a coordinated and joined-up way. This can include family, colleagues and professionals.

The system can benefit:

  • Young people who are NEET or in danger of becoming so
  • Young people in care, or those leaving care
  • Adults in the community with specific support needs
  • Adults receiving support in residential accomodation or supported living
  • Adults in employment who would benefit from inital support to maximise their progression

In fact the system can benefit anyone who is receiving targeted support through an agreed plan.