Works for anyone receiving personalised support

Enables the individual to be at the heart of their plan

Our vision is to create communities where opportunity and progression are available to all. We do this by assisting organisations to empower everyone to achieve personal and / or professional growth by creating an effective and supportive environment that enables people to realise their potential.

We do this in one of four ways: online tool

Our core offer is the award winning H2t online tool. This provides the mechanism for organisations to empower the people they support, whether this be their own staff, or individuals on programmes of personalised support.

The tool has the flexibility to be used in multiple ways and provides the platform to put values into action. It benefits

  • individuals, enabling them to take ownership of the own plan in order to achieve and progress
  • organisations, supporting the levelling-up agenda, maximising people’s potential and reporting on external KPIs and/or outcome measures

All this is provided via an easy to use web-based Control Panel to manage the whole process, and a linked Smartphone App. These are available on licence, based on the number of Supported Users. Any number of admins, mentors and supporters can access the system with no charge.


We work with organisations to audit their current service in relation to how well they enable people to grow and develop, working in co-productive ways with key stakeholders. We use strength-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry (and the 5D cycle) to engage people in conversations about what is working well now, their aspirations for the future and how to move forwards in a sustainable way.

We fully recognise that changes in practices and ways of working often require culture change. Without this people do not take ownership of any process of improvement. Our core aim is to ‘take people with us’ by engaging them in conversations that have meaning to them based on their personal experiences.

Experience is, for me, the highest authority

Carl Rogers

This consultancy service can run hand-in-hand with the implementation of the H2t tool, or be a stand-alone process. When used together, it makes sense to use the consultancy service as part of a planned and phased introduction to the implementation of the tool.


Our training centres on the person-centred planning process and outcomes recording. They can be delivered together (as one supports the other) or as two distinct work packages. They are generally purchased through local authority training departments or directly by organisations.

Person-centred planning has been around for many years, and the phrase is commonly used by organisations when describing how they provide services. However, in practice, the process is often not maximised to the benefit of the individual.

Outcomes recording is often mis-understood and people still focus on inputs and outputs. Even where this is not the case, people struggle to capture soft outcomes - the things that actually make the most difference.

Our training engages people in conversations about current practice, the latest legislation and guidance and exploring ways to improve. It is also typically delivered in two sessions to allow for reflection on implementation within the workplace.

Technical Consultancy and Development

We can provide bespoke web-based solutions for your business. This is the perfect way to enable your teams to work in a coordinated way.

Our digital design and development services combine our in-depth knowledge of UX design, database architecture, web app and native platforms to take your digital product or service all the way from concept to launch.

The Agile development methods and practices we employ during the build process ensure projects are carried out in a transparent and collaborative manner,

We can also provide an interface between your business and other development companies, particularly if you work within the education, health and social care sectors. Acting as a broker in order to ensure your business needs are well defined and articulated.