The support organisation manages the whole process

via a set of online administration tools

The support organisation manages the whole process via a set of online administration tools. This includes:

  • Strength-based assessments and goal setting;
  • Reviews to discuss and agree Individual’s progress against these goals;
  • Reports that summarise outcomes and distance-travelled.
Each individual is supported by a named Mentor

A nominated person who leads on the assessment and review process.

Other people are also identified who know the Individual well

This ‘Circle of Support’ encourages the Individual and provides additional evidence of progress.

Reviews take place at agreed periods to discuss progress and milestones reached

These are based on strength-based and solution focused questions to motivate the individual.

The most unique aspect of is the linked Smartphone App. This can be used by Individuals to make posts (written comments or pictures) on a Timeline, similar to some social media apps.

These posts all relate to achievements and outcomes against their goals. They provide a rich source of evidence to support progression. The app can also be used as an information and communication tool.

If professionals are involved in supporting the individual the App enables a more joined-up approach, allowing each person to see how the Individual is progressing and providing encouragement.

If the Individual cannot use a phone, or does not wish to, the Circle of Support can provide the evidence of achievement and progress against the agreed goals. This can work particularly well in residential and supported living situations. They can also share actions they have taken to support the goals.

Critically, the whole process is safe because only the organisation, the individual and their Circle of Support can see the information that is posted on the Timeline.