This month has been the most active in terms of developments to the Here2there App. All these developments are based on our pilots with a number of partners. Part of our commitment to working as co-productively as possible to ensure the system supports individuals to achieve their personal outcomes.

We continue to work with the North Wales Transformation Project (via Cartref Ni and Flintshire Social Services) and Woodlands Children’s Homes. Next week, we also start working with Denbighshire’s homeless support services via Working Denbighshire and the Youth Service.

Development to the App have included changes to the look and feel of the system, through to additional functionality.

Although making changes to the layout of the system might seem minor, feedback from users has shown how important these things can be. For mentors, we have moved links to the people they are supporting to the top of their home screen, this makes it easier and quicker to see information that is most important to them. For Individuals (being supported), we have added their progress on each goal to their home screen and timeline, so they (and their Circle of Support) can see how they are achieving as soon as they log in. See screenshot at the end.

In terms of additional functionality, Denbighshire asked us if it was possible to add ‘actions’ as well as goals for individuals. When they spoke to us about this, it addressed a ‘deeper’ issue we were aware of; how do you differentiate between ‘top level’ outcomes and the activity that leads to the outcome being achieved.

As we’ve spoken about before in this blog, there is still confusion ‘out there’ in terms of ‘inputs’, ‘outputs’ and ‘outcomes’. In fact, our system brings another word to the confusion party – goals! Generally, there is a consensus that focus should be on outcomes – what is the result of the things we are doing for the people we are supporting. However, the activity (the things that brings about the outcome) is still really important – assuming these ‘things’ actually makes a difference!

Within the Here2there App, we focus on Mentors and Individuals agreeing goals – areas the Individual wants to aim for in the future. And we encourage people to describe those goals as outcomes rather than detailed activity. This is for two reasons. Firstly, detailed activity would lead to too many goals, and secondly because the outcome of that activity is actually more important. For example – ‘to be healthy’ could be an outcome, and ‘go to the dentist next week’ might be a small contributing action that contributes to the outcome being achieved. Both are actually important, and both need to be captured in some way.

So, with the latest developments to Here2there, goals can focus (as intended) on outcomes, whilst our new ‘Actions’ section can capture those little important things that leads to the outcome. Not only that, but reminders can also be set to ensure everyone gets prompted. Reminds me of a little saying – ‘commitment is doing the thing, long after the mood you said it in has passed! Thank you Denbighshire.