Supporting individuals in ways that focus on what is important TO them

Make Person Centred Planning come ALIVE!

We believe people achieve best when...


They are valued and listened to


They are fully included in exploring and agreeing where they are now (assessment), where they want to get to (vision) and how they are going to get there (goals / plan);


Any assessment builds on people's strengths and what is import TO them, as well as FOR them


They are supported and encouraged by people who know them best


People do what they say they will do and work together in a joined-up way


They have regular opportunities to reflect on their stories of achievement and progress


Roger Rowett developed the concept of He has worked for a range of statutory, private and third sector organisations, mainly within the care and education sectors. He has also worked as an HMI for Estyn (Welsh Ofsted) and Senior Inspector for the Care Standards Inspectorate in Wales.

In 2009 Roger established Taith Ltd (Welsh for journey), mainly conducting independent reviews of services and facilitated stakeholder engagement. He has developed a special interest in Person-centred Planning (PCP) and Appreciative Inquiry. He trains people in these approaches and has written publications for the Care Council for Wales (now SCW) and Academi Wales.

Roger became increasingly aware of the need for a system that captures people’s stories and lived experiences. Something that engages and motivates individuals to achieve and progress, supported by those around them.

He also recognised the challenges many organisations are facing in terms of evidencing the impact of their work and outcomes for the people they are supporting.

Stuart and Peter developed Idea Farm over 10 years ago, they are based in Macclesfield in England. Idea Farm is a full partner in the development of

Peter has worked in Business Development and Sales for a large National Publishing company. Stuart has a technical and web programming background.

Peter and Stuart established Idea Farm as a vehicle to create a range of innovative digital products in partnership with their clients that deliver real value.

They believe as the world becomes more mobile, progressive web apps will be become more and more important to many of us. They aim to stay at the forefront of this change with their products and services.

Their sector leading Apps for Schools product allows everyone to be connected, including students, parents and teachers. The App can facilitate surveys, sharing of documents and news, sending out alerts and sharing pictures.

Idea Farm’s involvement in the project provides an invaluable element to our future development.